• Kelly E.

40 Ideas for Kindergarten Physical Education

1. Animal actions (frog jump, bird flap)

2. Crab walk

3. Walk/run playing red light green light

4. Practice the following: Hop, skip, jump, leap, gallop, slide

5. Create a dance using hop, skip, jump, leap, gallop and slide

6. Learn: under, over, behind, next to, through, right, left, up, down, forward, back and in front of.

7. Create a pattern using the different animal actions

8. Balance: walk on a tape line

9. Practice moving to a steady musical beat

10. Learn about “base of support”

11. Learn the following stretches: across-arm and shoulder shrugs

12. Learn the following stretches: lower back and reverse hurdle

13. Practice balancing on one, two, three and four body parts

14. Practice walking forward and sideways on a raised beam

15. Demonstrate relationship words on the playground

16. Log roll

17. Move in straight, curved and zigzag paths

18. Jump over a line several times in a row using forward and back and side to side movements

19. Balloon volleyball

20. Kicking a ball

21. Bounce a ball back and forth between two people

22. Throw a baseball underhand

23. Throw a baseball overhand

24. Catch a baseball thrown underhand

25. Kick a moving ball

26. Dribble a ball with two hands

27. Dribble a ball with two feet

28. Climb a ladder

29. Cross the bars in the park

30. Work on a pull up

31. Run for three minutes without stopping

32. Learn the rules for soccer

33. Learn to throw a football

34. Learn to catch a football

35. Move across the room using crab walk, log roll and leap frog

36. Jump from dot to dot across the room

37. Sit ups, curl ups and twists

38. Ski jumps and jumping jacks

39. Push ups

40. Practice hitting a ball with a bat

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